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I have always been fascinated by nature and the creative process. Creativity is the way we humans show our gratitude of our existance. Having studied Psychology and Art in college and working in Mental Health for 5 years I realized how important it is for people to have a retreat to recharge.  Gardens are the place where creativity and nature meet and provide tranquility and peace of mind and a retreat from the default world. Our experience working with people is organic and evolves in a way that we create a space of retreat with finely crafted and tended gardens while adhering to a throughtful approach to refine our common goal. 


Like Gary, As a small boy I used to create miniature landscapes out of natural materials in the back yard.  Mountains, rivers and streams,  little houses with flowering gardens.  All made out of tree branches, bark, moss, sand, flowers and rocks.My first job was at the age of 13 working in a greenhouse and garden nursery. (My thumb has been green ever since.) 

I have a natural eye for design, color, scale & composition and an attention to detail.

I look forward to sharing this green thumb, love of nature and eye for design to provide you with the garden of your dreams.



Grace lives up to her name by joining us when possible in rear outdoor gardens.

She is respectfully trained and loves all people. 

Her favorite past time is joining Gary for a swim in the SF Bay and aspires to be a therapy dog

and share her instinctual happiness with others.

Innovative garden artistry in San Francisco.

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